I find the craft of photography an enthralling presentation of one’s objectivity. Like many different creative mediums, photography has the potential to create serenity, melancholy, empathy, and ire. We’ve all experienced the spectrum of emotions and more than often visual representations can retrieve those emotions. I became a photographer when I realized a photograph was just as essential, if not more, as any collegiate history textbook; And due to a profound love of history, I embraced my calling to help preserve it. History calls for the truth and my due diligences will do just that.

Anthony “Truth” Gary

Partial Client List:

Complex Media

The National Urban League

Hard Rock Cafe: Atlanta

Tiger Paw Beverages

Pretty Instant

American Family Insurance


Strength of Nature

Liquid Soul

Affiliated Photographer- Kat Goduco Photography + Concepts

Leo Marshall Creative

Sunseeker Media

Soul Food Cypher